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Inner Beauty – The Synopsis


Abbey Karr as GwenGwen is a lovely but lonely 20-something gal who can’t seem to find the right guy.  She’s had some bad relationships in the past, but still hopes to meet her own Prince Charming.

One night, she meets Mike in a local bar.  He’s funny, sweet, and seems absolutely perfect.  Seduced by his romantic nature, Gwen goes home with Mike to the Victorian era mansion he is remodeling.

Mike saves Gwen from Falling - TallTo her surprise, a relationship blossoms.  One, two, three perfect dates shortly follow, with an amazing chemistry between the two.  Gwen has long red nails, and Mike practically worships them, as she enjoys his home and rare wine.

Gwen is smitten. Her only small complaint is that she sleeps poorly in Mike’s house, due to strange scratching noises at night.  Mike & Gwen chalk it up to animals in the attic… Plus, it’s an old wooden house, and it’s settling after all.

Abbey Karr as Gwen - Night TerrorFinally, she’s found a man she can be herself around, and not constantly worry about whether or not she’s pleasing him… No little noises at night are going to come between them…

The perfect man, the perfect wine, and a house to die for… it’s as though she’s in a perfect dream where time stands still…  in Mike’s house, their love will last forever.  If she can just get past all the remodeling he’s doing to the place.

But Gwen will quickly learn that with Inner Beauty, it’s what’s inside that counts…

Written by Jaime Jessup, Directed by Douglas H. Pritchard
Inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Casque of Amontillado”


© 2009
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