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Inner Beauty Advance Style A Poster

What Wakes You in the Middle of the Night?

What Wakes You in the Middle of the Night?

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Introducing Abbey Karr as Gwen… This was Abbey’s first work on a Starfield Studios production…

“Abbey’s performance as the character Gwen in this Indie horror/thriller was both beautiful and terrifying…”

“…we both went to some dark places in exploring her character together- as a director and artist she sent a chill up my spine in a brilliantly acted portrayal…”

“…the role was both physically and emotionally demanding- and in a short time, she successfully took us to places I think neither of us expected to go to or would want to visit together again anytime soon… at least until we start our ADR sessions in post…”

-Douglas Pritchard
 Director of “Inner Beauty” – October, 2009

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